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Your Music Solution

UNIK was developed to accommodate the different genres of music. Anywhere from a music lover to DJs and full bands. You will find that UNIK will satisfy your wants and needs in a music WP Theme from top to bottom.

Retina Ready Icons

UNIK is retina ready packed with cool icons and images. UNIK was tested on all the mobile devices to achieve a high quality design.

Responsive Design

UNIK is 100% responsive with all devices supported using bootstrap v3.1.1. Try UNIK on your favorite iToy or android devices and it will blow your mind how good the theme looks.

3 Different Audio Players

UNIK comes with a footer list type music player, a featured music and a normal player using the wp audio shortcode. Have a go at switching between songs. we made sure that you never have two songs playing at the same time.


UNIK has beautifully written very clean and error free code. We used many nice CSS3 animations that jive with the feel of the theme and compliments the idea of the theme.

Lots of Customization Option

We have set up the theme to be as much user friendly as possible for creating your very own version. We created many great theme options and shortcodes to make editing the theme very easy.

Social Sharing

Share your music throughout all the social media sites. Let your audience find out who you are and wher you will be touring. One thing i have to mention is our book us form that will help you getting dates reserved by your audience or establishments.


Add your soundcloud songs and creations to your theme with ease using shortcodes. I mean who would not want that.

Vimeo & Youtube

Let your fans see your newly published videos, you can either select your videos from Vimeo or Youtube and adding them is a piece of cake by using simple shortcodes.


UNIK Theme Options

We have created many powerful theme options that will allow you to create any type of music genre web site. We designed an extremely advanced admin panel allowing users to edit and customize the theme very fast and with ease. we have included the top 2 media sliders, the insane Revolution Slider and the slider that everyone talks about, Layer Slider. We also added the Flex slider just incase you want to have a 3rd slider to your power.

We added a cool booking form that will give you all the detailed emails that your fans/customers will fill out to reserve your services that you provide and show them your dates that are either booked or still open.

We added about 100 theme options from basic setting, footer settings, event settings, typography, styling, background slider options, mp3 player options and so on. We are already thinking about adding some more options in our next updates. Cheers


UNIK Shortcodes

we added some very useful shortcodes that will speed up the theme creation process, so this means that you the buyer will have an easy and fun time setting up your site. There are 25 different shortcodes that include everything you need to set up your site.

Let me just list a few: column widths, icons, block background, promotion box, shadow box, buttons, audio, unlimited sidebar options, youtube, vimeo, soundcloud, highlight, latest posts, latest events, google map, accordion and testimonials.


UNIK MP3 Players

We have added 3 separate mp3/audio players. A footer main audio player with a scrollable list, the circle player with song title, and a mp3 list player that you can add album images to and add the option to be able to download the song. We made sure that you do not have the problem of having two of the players play at once. Have a go at it and see for yourself. Once the second or third player is activated the main player that was active pauses the song that is playing and the second or third player will start playing.

You can add your album art to the list player, titles and so on also in the audio settings you will be able to set if the player will play onLoad or not. This is a great option because some folks get annoyed by the music player starting before they decide to listen or not.

Show your tunes off to your viewers so if they want to reserve your band they can have a bit of taste of your musical syles.


UNIK Background Slider

UNIK comes with a fullscreen background slider whish is the infamous Supersized Slider. In the slider options you can easily set up/add images to your backgrounds. Here is the options:

You can choose if you want the slideshow to be on or off, change the slide intervals, 7 slide transitions to choose from, and you can also set the transition speed between slides.

Resizes images to fill browser while maintaining image dimension ratio, No extra whitespace, no scrollbars – the entire browser window is always filled, Compatible in Firefox, Safari, Opera, IE7, and IE6, Ability to cycle through images/backgrounds via slideshow. So all in all it’s one of the best for background slides.


UNIK Booking Form

The booking form is one of those things that every musician, DJ needs to provide their fans/customers so they can reserve a date for a gig/venues. We added this form thinking that it will provide the website owner with enough information about the particular venue so they can receive that detailed email with the reservation dates and reservation infos and book the date for the venue.

If a certain date is booked the customer/viewer will see those dates already booked on the calendar so no double bookings or reservations occur.

We thought it would be a great tool to get your gigs booked on-line.


UNIK Tour Page

So this pages comes in handy for you and your viewers where they can keep track of your venues/gigs. You can add an image, venue title and the venue date to show your fans where your next gig will be.

You can have a single event post to a full page tour date scheme.

so if you think about it the booking form and the tour pages work great to schedule your upcoming performances and keep track of the ones that you have already played. I think this is a must for any music service providers either a band, dj or single artist.

we added some cool animations to compliment the feel of the theme and to make it a bit more interactive so your viewers have a great experience viewing your site.


UNIK Galleries

There are many cool gallery layout options, from a single column to 4 columns also with being able to change the height of the images. All the animations are done with CSS3 so it is a lot lighter than using the good old Javascript animations.

We have set up 2-4 column galleries just to show you the possibilities. You can also have a mixed column gallery or a single fullwidth gallery. The choice is yours.

You can also click on each zoom icon to have the images open up in a lightbox.


UNIK Blog Pages

UNIK comes with unlimited sidebar options, you can add your widgets as you like. Lets list a few:

  • Twitter Reader
  • Flickr
  • Categories
  • Recent Posts
  • Tags
  • The image above displays a sticky post with the circle audio player. This post has a background image and the audio player as the main audio post.

    There are many more options like Large image + left or right sidebar, medium image + left or right sidebar, and also a single post.


    UNIK Typography Settings

    There are 13 cool typography settings that include, Google body font, menu font, heading font, body font size, nav font size, copyright font size, heading 1-6 font size and font weight.

    we carefully selected the PT Sans and Roboto Condensed font family for the theme to compliment the design and to have a very clean and crisp typography.


    UNIK Styles Settings

    We added 20 different styling options which include:

  • Content Background Opacity
  • Dotted Pattern For Body Background
  • Header Background Color
  • Content Font Color
  • Menu Dropdown/Hover Background
  • Active Styles
  • Link styles
  • Input Styles
  • Footer Styles
  • Just to list a few. There are many more great options that you can tinker with to achieve the look you are going for.


    UNIK Responsiveness

    So this is how UNIK looks on some of the most used devices.

  • 100% responsive
  • All Devices supported
  • Looks and functions like a million bucks
  • All the proper theme options
  • I guess i won’t waste your time reading grab a copy and enjoy this awesome theme, dont’ forget to give us your feedback once you have purchased.


    mafloral & sumon