A little bit about us


To consolidate what is in Lucky Dube’s legacy, what should have been in it and what should be in it, in advancing his story of gallantry and making it against all odds.


To continue commemorating Lucky Dube in cultural performances, and ceremonies to maintain the popularization of his music as part of the heritage of the people of South Africa and ensuring his music continues to empower and create job opportunities for those that he left behind.


Different Colours Productions, is an independent Music Production and Publishing Company registered in 2010 whose sole mandate is to advance the Legacy of Lucky Dube through projects ranging from live recordings, a collection of Lucky’s unpublished visual materials from around the world, Lucky’s current band recordings, documentaries and a myriad of other expressive art forms.

Our roadmap starts with aligning the company with Lucky’s Philosophy, values, ethics and morality and beliefs that are embodied in every Reggae song he has ever composed, and sung. The company continues to implement its vision of creating high quality compositions representing and comprising his current band members, his previous members and new talent, thereby positioning new materials for his legacy to be that of the people, by the people, for the people.

Our focus is to promote social cohesion, peace and reconciliation through live performances of Lucky’s music which still reverberate in our dusty streets, corridors and our households. And also produce new material to promote the increase in music exports on all available and new platforms, digitally and physical throughout the world.

Different Colours Productions was founded on the following Principle: Anything worth building is worth protecting.


We pride ourselves  in being human and this is who we are